The safest way to age your bourbon and wine.

As our work grew across several distilleries, we decided it was time to provide a new solution for a safe, strong, and dependable barrel storage system for distilleries and wineries of all sizes.

Whether you use Bourbon, Burgundy, or Bordeaux barrels we offer units to fit each size. Available in 6 barrel or 12 barrel units.

K-RAX Bordeaux Barrel Storage


K-RAX Burgundy Barrel Storage


K-RAX Bourbon Barrel Storage


The K-RAX® System Advantage

Barrels Stored
On Their Side

The advantage of storing barrels on their sides for better airflow, plus the convenience of filling and toping off barrels easily.

By Forklift

Easy transportation allows you to load your barrels into the unit, then move them safely and efficiently to or within the warehouse.

Safely Stack Up
To 4 Racks High

Engineered for safety and strength, maximize your space by safely stacking up to 8 barrels high.

Save Time During
Barrel Rotation

Ability to rotate units low to high safely and economically while reducing barrel handling.

The Best New Product to Age Spirits

Why engineered wood?

Southern Yellow Pine

Layers of lumber stabilize imperfections on individual lams providing reliable strength over solid timbers.

  • Less prone to checking and warping
  • More insect resistant than solid timbers
  • Certified independently tested with known predictable consistent strength
  • Digitally controlled grading
  • Kiln dried down to 10-12% & heat treated to kill all insects/fungi living inside the wood and control shrinkage
  • Made from younger trees allowing sustainability & fast replenishment over harvesting older trees
  • Meet ANSI A190.1-2017 & ANSI 117-2015

We’ve got you covered.