Maintaining the true art of producing a distilled spirit.

The K-RAX® Rickhouse is our response to distilleries’ concerns with structural integrity and safety, modern bourbon barrel storage building codes, safety regulations, and understanding of construction materials.

Designed for unbalanced loading and unloading.

Assembled indoors and erected in modules.

Reduces time required for loading & unloading.

Safer conditions for warehouse employees.

Feel confident that you’re up to code

Some states, such as Kentucky, have adopted requirements that are specifically geared toward rickhouse construction. Implied in these provisions are literally hundreds of pages of codes and standards covering loads, combinations of loads, materials, connections, egress, fire protection, etc.

K-RAX® meets these requirements through intentional design and thoughtful construction.

The K-RAX™ System Advantage

Safer Walkway

Our full width walk aisles provide toe kicks on both sides for preventing and protecting against injuries and lost time.

More Stable Lumber

We utilize engineered timbers made out of all Southern Yellow Pine. They are kiln dried & heat treated as well as digitally control graded.

Stronger Dunnage

K-RAX® dunnage is one continuous laminated section. It has a tapered top for better tracking and resists bowing and twisting. Faster and safer loading and unloading.

Superior Engineering

All components are CNC machined to a tolerance within 1,000th of an inch. All machining and assembly is performed indoors in a controlled environment.

Rugged Bracing

We utilize both wood and steel for bracing with bolted connections. Bracing is designed to counteract movement to allow for unbalanced loading and unloading.

Tougher Floors

We use structural loaded floors designed to meet your requirements.

Increased Protection

We have certified wire mat panels at both ends of all barrel aisles to provide fall protection at all times to employees and visitors.

A Uniquely Engineered Solution

Why engineered wood?

Southern Yellow Pine

Layers of lumber stabilize imperfections on individual lams providing reliable strength over solid timbers.

  • Less prone to checking and warping
  • More insect resistant than solid timbers
  • Certified independently tested with known predictable consistent strength
  • Digitally controlled grading
  • Kiln dried down to 10-12% & heat treated to kill all insects/fungi living inside the wood and control shrinkage
  • Made from younger trees allowing sustainability & fast replenishment over harvesting older trees
  • Meet ANSI A190.1-2017 & ANSI 117-2015

We’ve got you covered.