FAQ’s About Our Portable Racking System

It’s been asked, so we’re answering. Here’s a quick list of some of our FAQ’s about our Portable racking system.

How many barrels high can be stacked?

You can safely stack up to 8 barrels high, which is equivalent to 4 units.

What do you need to maneuver the 6 pack units?

The 6 pack units require an #8,000 forklift and we suggest allowing an 18′ aisle clearance.

What is the Portable Racking System made out of?

Our portable units are made out of the same structural glue laminated timbers as our rickhouse. Think of this as a miniature version of our rickhouse modules that are easy to move around and add in quantity as needed.

Is there a minimum number to order?

Definitely not! Whether you want to try out 1 unit or fill an entire warehouse, it’s up to you. Pricing will vary based on shipping. Give us a call for more information.

how many levels are the 12 barrel units?

Two levels, just like the 6 pack units. The difference is for the 12 pack unit each level holds 6 barrels instead of 3. Click through the slideshow above to see a photo of the 12 pack!

What are the dimensions of the units?

6 pack unit – 45″x86″ NOM

12 pack unit – 86″x86″ NOM

Are the units made for bourbon or wine barrels?

We make both! We have 2 different sizes of portable units, one for bourbon barrels and the other for wine barrels (including both Burgundy & Bordeaux barrels).

Still have more questions or interested in more info?

No problem! Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Give us a call at 812-923-5585 or drop us a note in the quote form here and we’ll get back to you.

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